Zhanqi brush company is manufacturer of wire brush including all kinds of steel wire brush, brass wire brush, stainless steel wire brush, and nylon wire brush.

Business Type: Manufacturer
Capital: US$150,000, Total Annual Sales: US$2,000,000

Factory Size: 8,000 Square Meters
Production Type: wholly owned. Production Lines: 5
Types of Plant & Machinery in Factory: Injection molding machine, Compression casting machine, Linear cutting machine
Monthly Capacity: 250,000Pieces 
QC Responsibility: in-house
Year Established: 2010
Total Staff: 30
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Brand Names: Zhanqi, BrushTech
OEM Services Provided: Yes


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Ms. Yaohua Li and her family has been engaded in wire brush industry for very long time.

2010, she bought the workshop and run the wire brush manufacturing company.


1988, her elder brother sold the workshop and shift to other business.


1956, the Li’s family joined the collective workshop to make natural bristle brushes.


1939, her grandfather owned the workshop and made brooms with wooden handle.


Since 1910, Li's family began to make brooms of bamboo leaves for the town to sweep ashes and dirt.

BrushTech is the trademark of Zhanqi Brush Company which is dedicated in the manufacturering and research of wire brush including all kinds of hand brushes and power brushes.

We are brush manufacturer and brush supplier of steel wire brushes, stainless steel wire brushes, brass wire brushes, and nylon wire brushes, which are industrial brushes can be applied for scrubbing, cleaning, clear floor, and car washing. As a brush factory with many years' manufacturing experiences, we can supply high qualigy OEM brush.